KPI OceanConnect PR Team




Published 1st April 2019 in Next Step Student DK

Name: Mikkel Bendix Kristensen
Age: 25
Background: Business education with special focus on sales
Leisure interests: Motocross at elite level

As a Trader at KPI Bridge Oil, what kind of tasks are you mostly doing?
I primarily work with the sale and purchase of oil – specifically, marine fuel oil. As a Trader, I am responsible for my own customer portfolio which I service worldwide. We have ten offices around the world, so I also travel a lot to destinations anywhere from Dubai to Singapore. It is very much a relationship-based business and therefore it pays off to visit colleagues, customers and suppliers who I work with day to day to meet with them face to face – as this creates a much stronger relationship.

Why have you chosen a career with KPI Bridge Oil?
As a company, KPI Bridge Oil is very open-minded and offers you the opportunity early on to take responsibility for your own success while at the same time having the option to set limits for yourself in the role – that is what attracted me. I am surrounded by very experienced traders who are able to challenge me daily and provide exciting new targets and goals.

What do you expect to gain from your current role?
An extensive knowledge of international trade and a much better cultural understanding. The talent development programme at KPI Bridge Oil also presents you with numerous career opportunities within shipping and bunker trading and enables you to form relationships with other traders across the world.

Do you expect to stay with KPI Bridge Oil beyond the end of the programme?
Yes, I do! I hope to be posted to one of our other nine offices around the world. I complete the talent development programme in October, so this opportunity is now within reach.

What do you find most challenging about your work and career?
For me it is the culture- and language barriers that can be challenging. Also, you must keep up to date with the markets at all times, as prices change frequently and the environment you are trading in can change rapidly. However, this is also what makes the job so exciting, as two days are never the same in this business.