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Bunker Trader/Supplier Oliver Denal relocates to join KPI Bridge Oil Denmark


Oliver who has been with KPI Bridge Oil London for three years has continuously shown a high level of commitment and performance.

James Enston, Managing Director of KPI Bridge Oil London comments, “Oliver has consistently demonstrated a high standard of professionalism in his work and he possesses the determination to succeed. He is a valued team player who will be missed by the London team, but I am pleased that our organisation is able to offer the opportunity to continue his career in Denmark.”

KPI Bridge Oil offers great flexibility in terms of helping people to meet their personal goals. The company provides continuous talent development opportunities and encourages its people to make the most of career openings across the global group.

Oliver, who is already well connected in Denmark’s shipping industry speaks keenly of his relocation to Denmark saying: “I am thrilled that KPI Bridge Oil has supported my move back to Denmark, being Danish myself a large part of my client base is situated here. Returning helps me to be closer to my clients and to further strengthen KPI Bridge Oil’s relationship with the Danish shipping industry.”

Oliver holds a Masters from Copenhagen Business School, his first language is Danish and he also speaks English and German.

Kenni Goldenbeck, Managing Director of KPI Bridge Oil Denmark says: “We are pleased to be welcoming Oliver on board, he brings great business acumen and experience particularly within the Danish shipping community. Oliver’s addition will further enhance the dynamics of our team, allowing us to be an even stronger partner in our region.”


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